Winter Indoor/futsal


How is indoor/futsal different than outdoor?

Soccer is played in a smaller field, court surface (Basketball size), using a Futsal (low bounce and smaller) ball, climate controlled environment, less players, more focus on footwork and smaller control spaceĀ 

Ball size and type

We will use size 3 or 4 Futsal balls provided for each session. No need to bring a ball.

What kind of soccer gear do I need?

Rubber molded cleats, turf shoes, and tennis shoes are allowed. Cleated shoes are prohibited. Shin guards below the shocks. Wear your New Rochelle Uniform to each session.

Where will indoor soccer be held?

NEW LOCATION!!! In a partnership with Abtsolute Gym in New Rochelle, we have 2 fields for our kids to play indoor in a brand new BLUE turf.

Are there locker rooms at the facility?

No, it is recommended to come in full uniform and ready to go.

Is there seating for spectators?

Yes, minimal bleacher seating is available in the building and there is plenty of standing room available.

How many players will there be per session?

We expect to have 20-25 children during each session but will vary depending on attendance and if we need to move players around

What is the duration of each session?

60 minutes with various water breaks and set up times.

What are the dates and times of the indoor soccer games?

Please check our registration page, times will vary depending on the grade level

Do I get a refund if I my child cannot attend?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds after the season has started since spots are locked in. Any changes prior to the first week are allowed. There will be a $20 processing fee.

Why are we not offering it to all grade levels?

The short answer is field/court availability in the Winter is very scarse. We will be looking to do more sessions later in the year and we will try to incorporate other grade levels. Thanks for your patience.

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