Frequently Asked Questions

Training Program

We updated the soccer curriculum to get players more touches on the ball and develop control in smaller spaces. You will see short side games during our practices to promote more player involvement vs running without a ball. The short sided approach is the new US Soccer mandate for all young players and used all over the world to develop players. Some of these topics will provide information about this very successful approach being used around country by top teams. All our sessions are ran by our professional coaches from STORM ACADEMY. These notes apply to Spring, Fall and Winter sessions.

Weekly Training Sessions

Players will be divided into groups (all skill levels-10+ players per coach) and work directly with a Storm coach.

Storm Academy coaches time with kids

60 minutes

Game format

4 v 4 (4-6 players on each team). Might use subs since players will get tired because of quick play. 5th Grade and older kids will play 7v7.

Number of fields

16 fields (smaller, about 1/8 of a normal field)

Game Monitors for games

Yes, We are renaming to Game Monitors (Volunteers) to help coach and with organization during games only

Grade Marshalls to oversee overall group progress, games, stop and instruct

Yes, Storm Academy Marshall Kurt Palmer will be able to walk around each game, stop and instruct.


Our Young Coaches will ref games when possible. Storm academy coach will instruct during the game


No, keepers are not used under the 4v4 format. However, Storm can introduce them at later weeks

Lining the fields every week

Cones will be used to mark the areas for training. YSNR will continue to set up every week.

Parents Section for viewing

Yes, defined to allow for coaching without interruptions


Players will be assigned to a coach at the beginning of each session to ensure everyone plays with the same amount. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. All players will be grouped by the coaching staff upon arrival and play. Teams will be created based on pool of players.

Travel Opportunities for players, early assessment

Selected players will be recognized early to provide Travel soccer an opportunity to speak to their parents

Young Coaches Program

A program is in place to provide opportunities for interested 13-17 year old Boys and Girls so they can help Storm coaches and strengthen their leadership qualities. We have 30 for the Spring 2017 season.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

For sponsorship opportunities, please email: nrfcboard@gmail.com.