What Equipment Does Each Player Need?

Shin guards (under the socks), soccer cleats or sport flat shoes for turf and Water. All jewelry and baseball hats should be removed. Apply sun block when needed.

What Time Does My Child Play?

Session times are assigned by Grade, please see http://rec.ysnr.org/registration


Due to COVID-19, Tshits will only be distributed to PreK and K this Fall 2020 Season. Everyone else should wear at WHITE shirt and dark shorts.


Groups are assembled everyweek in order of arrival.  Teams are formed within each group for games.  If you need assistance please approach one of the New Rochelle Soccer coordinators walking on the field or contact president@ysnr.com

Age Requirement

Kids can start as young as 4 years old, or turning 4 during the current season. We do not recommend kids under 4 since they might not be ready for 60 full minutes of soccer training. 

Awards and Photos

Trophies/medals are provided for Pre-K and K only. We will not have Trophies this Fall 2020 and reassess in the Spring 2021. There will be a professional photographer available one weekend for both team and individual pictures (Date in Spring 2021 TBD). Registration and payment can all be done via the company’s website.