YES, we need your help to make our kid’s experience a great one. Parents, since you are going to be at the field, we would love for you to help us.  This keeps the cost down and continues our offering this program every year. Indicate an area to volunteer or contact us directly via email at president@ysnr.com.

Soccer volunteers are needed for the following events:

  • Opening Day:  Please let us know a time slot you can help between 8-2 pm.  Spanish speakers are helpful for this function.  Uniform distribution, purchases, scheduling.
  • Uniform Distribution: At the NR High School from 5:30-7pm.  Please let us know if you can help for the whole time or a slot. Spanish speakers are helpful for this function.
  • Coach/Team Manager:  Perfect way to help your child and teach leadership.  Each team needs at least one coach and an assistant coach/co-coach. The primary role is to organize the kids during game time, no soccer knowledge is needed but always welcome.  There will be others there to help as well.
    • Communicate with each player prior to the season to let them you know you are the coach
    • After academy training, walk team to the proper field and set a line-up, rotate players among positions, organize and help the team for 30 minutes
    • Encourage players and keep a fun and engaging environment
    • Bring up any issues, concerns or comments from parents to the Grade Coordinator
    • Coaching clinics held by professional trainers to help coaches with some basic soccer skills can be provided.  If interested please email president@ysnr.com
  • Grade Coordinator:  For each grade, boys and girls. This person(s) acts as a liaison between parents, coaches and the Board. Some responsibilities include:
    • Ensuring that each child is assigned a team and working with coaches on any questions
    • Ensuring that each team has a coach and/or coaches.
    • That the teams are balanced and to the best efforts possible, meet any special requests made during registration.
    • After training session and pre game line-up by the cones, ensure field assignments and that teams are balanced.
    • Ensure referees are there for each game.
    • Help resolve any issues for the grade on the field and report any necessary issues to the Board 
  • Inventory: After registration and uniform distribution, we need to have a count of our inventory. Based on this count, we order additional uniforms and equipment for the next season. This is a few hours each season that can be done at the end of Opening Day prior to our bringing inventory back to storage. It can also be done at the storage room at another time.
  • Spanish Speakers (Translators):  We have a need for Spanish speakers to assist during a few activities throughout the season. Registration, and Opening Day are the primary times of need, but we also need assistance answering phone inquiries. The phone inquiries can be done from home, and on the volunteer’s schedule. Such assistance helps expand our offering to more children who enjoy the game
  • Online Registration Helpers:  The online registration process can create questions for parents. Volunteers who have been done the registration can often assist first timers. Some basic navigation understanding can simplify the process. This is a role that can be done remotely and on volunteer’s schedule.
  • Awards and Photo Day:  Help with coordination on day of each event

Please consider joining our volunteer staff. No experience is necessary and we welcome any help as possible to continue to provide a low cost program. The success of our program depends on you; please don't underestimate the impact you can make on a child's life. We need you.

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