COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Sports and Recreation Guidelines

    Sports and Recreation Guidelines

  • April 2021 Health Advisory

    April 2021 Health Advisory

NY safety measures (adjusted when necessary).

The safety and health of players and staff is always the highest priority at YSNR and with the COVID-19 virus, we have added extra guidelines for sessions. Storm Soccer will also adapt to any necessary changes.

Session times are assigned by Grade, please see

  • If your child is showing signs of sickness or a high temperature prior to the session start date please use common sense and keep them at home, we will fully refund you.
  • Avoid carpooling if you can
  • Temperature checks will be given daily to all players and staff those parents that will stay and watch. Those registering over 101.4 degrees will be excused.
  • On first day when you approach the registration table please stay 6 feet apart. Please arrive earlier than your first session start time.
  • If parents are planning to stay please stay outside the fence at Fosina and Skidelsky. No one except players and staff will be allowed on the field for safety reasons. Keep social distancing (use common sense)
  • If parent gatherings become large will we cap one parent/guardian per player (this situation has never occurred)
  • Staff will wear masks for arrivals.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrances and exit and in each group.
  • For pick-up parents will wait for their child outside of the Field perimeter. Players will be lined up by the exit and sent to you.

Soccer playing protocols

  • Groups will be capped and will play in a bigger area.
  • All soccer activity will stay within the group area
  • Staff will demonstrate appropriate group behaviors such as hand washing and cough etiquette.
  • Coaches will instruct players from further away and will not bring them into tight groups for instruction.
  • Groups will not interact with each other.
  • Our existing philosophy of small group and individual training sets us up great to work very well in our current environment.
  • Soccer is a contact sport and we have to expect it, but due to smaller numbers contact will be reduced.
  • Players will not wear masks while active. But will wear them before and after training.


  • Any players with a fever or COVID-19 symptoms should not come to practice.
  • Players MUST wear face coverings/masks when entering the field and departing the field. During the session, players can remove their face coverings/masks. There will only be one entrance and one exit at each field.
  • Bring a water bottle or sports drink
  • Every player to be bring their own ball. There will be no balls shared.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer, facial tissues and masks
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized but best if you use the rest room at home before practice.
  • Wear a WHITE shirt, dark shorts to sessions every week. Pinnies will be used but not shared between sessions. We have enough for each group to get new clean ones every week. We will wash every week

Contact tracing

For each hour of coaching, we will organize groups of players and would go to the same area on the field each week. This way we know who the players interact with and which coach is teaching them. Each Storm coach will check off the name from the list in their group. 

Arrival and departures

Each practice, besides the last one, would end a little early to allow players and parents to leave and not come into contact with the next arriving group. On Skidelski, we will have separate exit and entrances due to two gates.