Updated Program for Spring 2016


The Rec program is getting a major upgrade with more coaches, more time on the ball and more GOALS!!!

Using the insights from our Fall 2015 survey of 150+ parents allowed for solving some gaps; simply put, we asked what was wrong and we made a strong attempt to solve the problem.  More organization, more coaching to our kids, provide more soccer knowledge, find a way for parents to be more engaged and field improvement were the major themes.

 This program update “doubles” the coaching time for our kids and keeps the registration cost the same, which is still about 50-100% below local town programs.  The idea was to make Recreation Soccer more organized by eliminating some of the challenges, such as parent coaches not showing up and lack of soccer knowledge on the field.  Having our Storm Academy partner run the full 60 minutes eliminates this challenge. 

We hope to continue to tweak the program in the upcoming seasons for the benefit our recreational division and our Travel teams.  In 2016 we hope to strengthen the partnership to make our soccer teams stronger.

The idea behind our program update was to ensure that New Rochelle Soccer stayed relevant with ways of developing our kids in the sport.  The U.S. Youth Soccer State Association has rolled out some strong recommendations/mandates for focus on short side games, which is essential to get our kids with the ball at their feet more often and using a 4v4 game format. 

The program is being updated at all grade levels but the 2nd Grade Boys and Girls slots are the most changed since this is the age in where parents decide whether they want to have their kids play Travel and works more on technical skills and feeling comfortable with the ball at their feet. All the changes include the topics mentioned above.

As we move into 2016, we plan to continue to check on the updated program performance, make tweaks along the way and re-survey the parents at the end of the Spring.  The findings will help structure a stronger Fall 2016 program and continue to strengthen our teams in New Rochelle

The YSNR Executive Board feels that this update to our local program will provide our kids more soccer knowledge with on-the-field instruction and build more confidence. This program is still recreational by nature since we will encourage everyone to have fun and institute more technical attributes to help provide a stronger foundation.

Since the set up and framework of the updated program is different than previous seasons, some logistics and protocols will change, while others remain the same. Here is a matrix to answer some questions:


Up to 2015


Players are in the “Pit” for instruction

Yes, 5 coaches walk around the Pit and help all 80-120 kids

No, players will be divided into groups (all skill levels) and work directly with a Storm coach for that week. 10-14 players per coach

Storm Academy coaches time with kids

30 mins

60 minutes

Game format

8 v 8 (10 players on each team)

4 v 4 (5 players on each team)


Yes, parent coaches would have to switch every so often so everyone gets a turn. Very time consuming

Not needed with the 4v4 approach. However, depending on the session, Storm can introduce them at later weeks

Number of fields

5 fields

16 fields (smaller, about 1/8 of a normal field)

Goals on the field

10 goals, used for 5 fields

32 goals, used for 16 fields

Parent Coaches for games

Yes, recruit parents to coach each team, per Grade, very hard to manage

No, parent coaches will be accepted to help Storm with organization during games only, but not necessary.

Grade “Marshalls” to oversee overall group progress, games, stop and instruct

No, grade coordinators had this role but normally they would be coaching and have no time to oversee all games

Yes, Storm Academy will be able to walk around each game, stop and instruct.



None needed for Pre k – 5th grade. Will assess mid-season for the older 6, 7, 8th grade boys

Lining the fields every week


No, cones will be used to mark the areas for training. YSNR will continue to set up.

Parents Section for viewing

Not defined

Defined to allow for coaching without interruptions

Teams (Grouping)

The Board separates kids into teams of 8-10 kids before the season, 10+ teams

No teams, instead players will be grouped by the coaching staff upon arrival and play

Weekly schedules about games



Problems with not having enough players in a team


No, players will be divided according to the total amount that show up

Communication with parents and coordinators to send reminders to teams

Yes, very time consuming, low participation from parent coaches and coordinators

No, not needed

Website links to calendars

Yes, very tough to navigate on smartphone

No, not needed since everyone will be in the same grade level for the season.

Junior Coaches

Yes, NEEDED but not a lot of field guidance

Not needed but will still offer so they can help Storm coaches

Travel Opportunities for players, early assessment


Yes, selected players will be recognized early to provide Travel soccer an opportunity to speak to their parents


$80, 8 sessions

$ 80, 8 sessions, will reevaluate for fall.